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I love to read almost everything and anything, with some things in moderation (extreme moderation in some cases). I am very active on Goodreads and a couple others sites and have become lucky enough to be an official reader/reviewer for a couple authors. Always looking to expand my horizons. This is my way of traveling and I learn so much. One day I'll finish my degree. But for now, while sick and in bed, I have a purpose again, not just read, but help the authors out by giving them honest reviews.


Bikinis in Paradise

I wish I knew how she does it.she must have a formula she varies just so much for every book. I would love to live in Paradise and could see, often think and worry for ,them as if they were friends. I'm very glad there was food involved, because this body hasn't seen a bikini in 30 years and never will again, so what is the use of watching others flaunt their stuff when you know you will never have that body again. In this book friends are found while still others move away. Remind me of the old Girl Scout Song, " Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold."