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I love to read almost everything and anything, with some things in moderation (extreme moderation in some cases). I am very active on Goodreads and a couple others sites and have become lucky enough to be an official reader/reviewer for a couple authors. Always looking to expand my horizons. This is my way of traveling and I learn so much. One day I'll finish my degree. But for now, while sick and in bed, I have a purpose again, not just read, but help the authors out by giving them honest reviews.


A Pleasant Surprise

Wedding Wipeout - Jacob M. Appel

I  was pleasantly surprised by this book and am looking forward to other books by Mr. Appel. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting when I started reading this book, but what I got was a well-written book that kept me guessing throughout. I really couldn't imagine the big deal about a old woman getting married, in spite of her father's will. Well, I found out , and you can too. I would recommend Mr. Appel book to anyone who lies a god mystery.